XLGL and Office 64 bit

February 2, 2012

XLGL 4.3 is now available for Excel 64 bit. XLGL always worked on 64 bit computer, but Excel 64 bit could not load it. We’ve made the necessary ajustment to our architecture to solve this.

A single installation package will install on either a 32 bit or 64 bit computer, so you don’t have to worry about downloading the correct update; it’s all the same.

With this new architecture, we also made some change in how the add-ins were registered and loaded in Excel. The result is a more robust registration and less case where XLGL is not loaded properly in Excel.

Some changes need to be mentionned for those of you doing manual registration. The XLGL.XLL file does not exist anymore and is replaced with the adxloader.Logicim.XLGL.dll file. We will update the manual registration process in an upcoming post, but details can be found in the online documentation of XLGL.

Thanks to all of tested this version on 64 bit system. All your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Pierre Alain

XLGL 4.0 is here

July 7, 2011

XLGL 4.0 is finally here. The current version is actually 4.0.4 since we released some ajustment today.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be updating learning videos. The first one is already up:

Summer classes are also available, so you may want to check that out before all seats are taken:  http://www.logicimtech.com/xlglcourses.aspx

News of XLGL 4.0 – Beta has started

April 22, 2011

We’ve release a first beta of XLGL 4.0 earlier this week and made it available to our current user base to test.

We plan to run these tests with our users until the beginning of June. This means we are one step closer to a final release of this brand new remake of XLGL.

Pierre Alain

More Simply Accounting Reports using XLGL 4.0

November 10, 2010

Last month, we uploaded a preview of XLGL 4.0 with a general outlook on the entire program.

Today, I’d like to share this new video which focuses on the reports included in XLGL 4.0. Starting with version 3.2, we added report templates directly in the program, a well receive feature.

With XLGL 4.0, we continue on that path, adding many more reports and making it easier than ever to find what your looking for and to customize it any way you want. (Watch the video on YouTube)

2010 Simply Accounting Partnership Conference

October 28, 2010

We just spend the end of last week at the 2010 Simply Accounting Partnership Conference. What a blast! I’ll pass over the cowboys and dancing on the table, and move straigh to XLGL.

For the first time, we showed XLGL 4.0 to a live audience. Feedback was really encouraging; seems we’re on the right track. (a preview of XLGL 4.0 is available on YouTube)

The most popular improvement was, by far, the list formatting. In XLGL 3.0, you have to format list using specific Excel styles or you lose all formatting the next time you refresh. Very frustrating.

Not only is this not a problem anymore in version 4.0, but XLGL also looks at those changes and apply them all over the layout for a consistent look.

Next in line was the Freezing feature, which is now applied to the entire workbook by default and does not remove your formulas, only XLGL specific formulas.

As for new features, the ability to navigate the entire company data using a simple drag and drop interface blew everyone away. For some, when I showed how to build a complete Pivot Table with a few click, starting with nothing, it was all they needed to see to believe how XLGL is innovative compared to other products.

Not far behind was the new parameter autofill feature for worksheet function. That one is still in development, but it’s sure to be a very popular feature. Or not, as most people won’t even know it’s there while fully enjoying its benefits.

No, we did not show everything. There are still some surprise. We will continue our releases of preview videos until the ship date.

Thanks to everyone who made XLGL such a success, and thank you for your patience. XLGL 4.0 will be available soon.

Pierre Alain

XLGL 4.0 Preview

October 15, 2010

We just added a video preview of XLGL 4.0 on YouTube. The new version won’t be available for a while, but you can still let us know what you think. (Watch it on YouTube)

News on XLGL 4.0

October 6, 2010

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be releasing preview bit of XLGL 4.0, our next version of Simply Accounting Reporting.

Alan Salmon will be showing a short video during his Accounting Technology Seminar and we’ll have an in-depth look at the new features at the Simply Accounting Partner Conference in 2 weeks.

Stay tuned for more.

XLGL 3.3

April 30, 2010

We just released XLGL 3.3 with new material in the Getting Started guide and 3 new templates. There are other minor addition, but today I’ll focus on the new templates.

In the past couple of months, we have been getting more and more question on Excel PivotTables and Dashboards. Here are quick answers: Yes, XLGL works with PivotTables, and Yes, XLGL can produce amazing Dashboards.

Because dashboards are usually very personnalized, we never included any model/template for them. XLGL 3.3 changes that. We’ve included 2 new templates based on PivotTables and one complete company dashboard, featuring all sort of Excel tools that XLGL can work with: Shapes, Autofilters, Tables, PivotTables, Graphs, …

These templates can be found under the XLGL Ribbon/menu, and Templates. They were built specifically for Excel 2007, but can be used with previous version of Excel if you have the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack (Available here). They just look better in Excel 2007.

Here are some snapshot:

We won’t be adding any new templates until XLGL 4.0. If you have any special request, make sure to let us know.

Pierre Alain

XLGL 3.2

February 17, 2010

Last week, we released version 3.2 of XLGL. If you have opt to receive notification on startup, XLGL will have told you so when opening Excel. If not, you can go to XLGL, Check for Updates.

As we’re deep into development for version 4.0, our biggest update ever (available next fall), we found that the following improvements would make a difference to a lot of people and decided to include them in the current version.

So, what’s new? Small improvement that will make, we hope, a big difference. The first thing you’ll notice, if you’re using Excel 2007, is the new Ribbon interface:

 XLGL Ribbon

 You still have access to the XLGL menu under Add-ins, but we believe this integrated interface will serve everyone better.

The next thing you might already have noticed on the image above is the Templates button (also available in the regular menu). All reports that were previously online are now available directly from XLGL. Just click Templates, pick your report and click OK. Moreover, we’ve improve all the report for a common look and feel.

Finally, we’ve replaced the tutorial with a Getting Started Guide which covers more information and shows a greater diversity of what can be done, without going to far into technical details. We hope new users will appreciate this one.

Other than that, there are some more minor improvements, such as the Suggest button on the Ribbon to make a quick suggestion, and other minor fixes.

Let us know what you think. Anything else you like to see added quickly?

Pierre Alain

XLGL Survey

December 2, 2009

In English:

In french:


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